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Stephen & Jennifer.


I am Stephen Vincent and live in Watford, Hertfordshire in the UK. I am in a relationship with Jennifer who has a daughter, Phillipa with two young girls Yasemin age 5 and Ceylin age 4, our granddaughters. We often travel together as a family overseas and around the UK whenever we want to. Jennifer and myself are retired from working for an employer and Phillipa is a full time mum, so I run my online business in a few hours a week and earn more today then any full time employment ever gave me.

I do affiliate marketing because it is the easiest way to make money when it has been learnt from someone doing it successfully. That is not to say making money online is easy. Anyone who tells you that is a liar selling a scam. In order to make money, first you have to provide a service that benefits other people. Nobody except a fool is going to give you their money unless there is a benefit for them to do so.

People go online to search for an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. They do not go online to give money to you just because you need more? Most people need more money. Yet few of them get off their backsides to do anything about it. Working in almost any job or several jobs is a recipe for a mediocre lifestyle. Long hours, poor pay and little free time filled with stress is not the way to a good life or lasting health?

There are only 24 hours in every day. Being paid a minimum hourly rate can never make you rich or set you free. A job is the biggest scam in the World. Those who work the hardest and earn all the profits are paid the least while those who work the least get the highest payments. Many years ago they were paid so highly because they took the responsibility for the efficient running of the business but today few take responsibility. When things go pear shaped, it is the loyal hard working people at the bottom of that pyramid scheme who lose their jobs. Those at the top will take whatever measures they can to keep their positions safe.

We live in a World where every year the gap between the rich and the poor gets bigger. So why don’t more people decide that being poor is no longer acceptable? Why do so very few poor people become rich unless they win the National lottery for instance. Yet around 85 to nearly 90% of those people spend every penny of their fortune in just a few years and return to their mediocre poverty lifestyle. However the people who successfully create their own business mostly never again become broke like before.

It is not about being a millionaire or earning more than enough to satisfy your needs and some. It is more about having the freedom to chose where in the World you live, in what type of home. It is about driving the car of your dreams instead of that old wreck you can barely keep street legal? It is about taking vacations/holidays to exotic places only the rich can afford to stay and never having to worry about money ever again.

To live in a home paid for in cash, a car also fully paid for and so on. All your debts paid in full. Owing nothing to nobody. Direct debits and standing orders taking care of all you bills because the money is always more than enough to cover them. Waking up everyday and seeing more money in your bank earned while you were sleeping or away on another vacation/holiday? No job pays you that way.

So take it from me. You don’t have to spend your whole life working every week all day for chump change. You can if that is all you want in your life but if you’ve read this far, I doubt that applies to you? Learning how to make money online is why 3% who try to do make money online while the rest wish they could figure it out but most likely never will. Not until they learn from a mentor as I did.

Now its your turn to make that decision. To remain a wage slave or to start learning in your spare time how to work less, earn more and get your life back. Start to live your life on your own terms today. Opportunities are everywhere including this website to live a better life. Pass on this and never again complain about what you lack because you decided to settle for that situation to remain. Or decide to make that change from the above link. Or watch the video, enter your details in the box above right and be taken to the main website.


All the best.


Stephen & Jennifer.

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